Why aren’t you getting offers

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Why aren’t you getting offers?

Listening to the feedback, or lack of interest in your home assists you to make modifications or changes to your marketing strategy and/or price. It is particularly important in the first few weeks when your home is fresh to your potential buyers’ eyes and interest is at its peak. Feedback comes from website hits and inspections:

  • Website number of hits. The high number of hits in the first two or three weeks your property goes live on the market indicates that it is crucial for hooking buyers. Using the conversion rate of hits into inspections, you can gauge whether your asking price or other factors are deterring buyers from making a step further towards making a purchase.
  • Inspection feedback depends on how your property is staged. The rate at which the inspections are turned into offers can be an indicator of the need to improve or stick to what you have in terms of staging and pricing. If you are getting inspections without offers, you need to consider why. Use the feedback from these inspections to understand the market’s view of your property and how competitively it is priced.

After an inspection, sit down with your agent and discuss the feedback. If you don’t receive a request for a follow up inspection or an offer after the second inspection, you need to go back to the drawing board and find out what exactly is causing it, be it your price, your marketing approach, the staging or all of the above.

Be aware of feedback that is comparative to other very similar properties in your area. A competing property may have something yours doesn’t, such as a pool or double garage, yet be priced lower than yours. You may feel your home has redeeming features that outweigh any deficits, but if the market clearly doesn’t agree, it is cause to review your price.

Listen to both the positive and the negative feedback. The features of your property that receive the best response can be emphasized in your marketing to generate more interest while the ones that don’t can be modified to avoid future turn-downs to an offer.

Potential reasons why you are not getting any offers

Bad odour in the house

This usually comes from cigarette and pets, both of which are very difficult to disguise. Whatever you do, don’t use sprays or per­fumes in an attempt to mask bad smells. Not only do they not work, but they can also cause an allergic reaction for your potential buyers.

You can get rid of these odours by:

  • Smoking outside the house.
  • Bathing and disinfecting your pets regularly.
  • Vacuuming the floor and furniture every second day.
  • Keeping cat litter outside.
  • Use of recommended cleaning solutions for cleaning bicarbonate of soda.
  • Professional cleaning for your beds and sofas.
  • Proper airing and ventilation of your house well in advance of an inspection.

Pets roaming the yard

To make the potential buyers comfortable and at ease and safe to inspect your home, take your pets elsewhere during inspections or, at the very least, put them in cages. Do not section off pets in a room or garage and ask people not to enter, as this is an unreasonable request when they are deciding whether to buy your home.

Poorly-lit rooms

Poor lighting creates a dreary, heavy feeling and does nothing to inspire people or enhance their interest. You can replace dull light bulbs with brighter ones, remove heavy, dark curtains and paint rooms that need to be brightened up.

Dirty bathrooms and kitchens

As mentioned in an another article (see “Staging your home for sale”), this is a very sensitive area in your home. It can be the sole determinant of whether your property sells or not. If, even after cleaning, your bathroom or kitchen still look dirty and grimy, you simply must invest in a professional cleaner, replace broken fittings and fixtures and ensure proper drainage.

Loud paint or wallpaper

This is a real first impression creator and if you exhibit bad taste or loud décor, you will turn-off a lot of buyers. At best, they will negotiate your price down on the basis of all the work your home needs. At worst, they won’t be able to see past the bad décor, and will walk away.

Everyday clutter

Ensure that your dishes are cleaned and properly stacked in their respective cupboards, waste bins are emptied and clean, washing baskets are empty and all clothes clean and neatly arranged in their proper drawers. No paperwork is strewn over desks, and bookshelves are neatly arranged. Not doing this will create the impression that your home is cramped, untidy and also hinder potential buyers from envisioning your home as their own.


Invest in a pest control inspection to ensure no embarrassing pests such as ants, cockroaches, spiders and mice, come crawling during an inspection.

No street appeal

An unkempt exterior is a sign the house in general has not been cared for. It also makes the place look unattractive. Many buyers will immediately discount a house if the exterior and garden are poorly kept and might not even give it a chance to look at the interior.

Gutters full of leaves and debris

Overflowing gutters make buyers wonder what else has not been main­tained and they may walk away.

Sellers presence during inspections

If your property is scheduled for an inspection, make a point of leaving so you may give the buyers the comfort and space to thoroughly inspect and evaluate your home. Buyers will feel pressured to ‘hurry up and get out’ if they realize the seller present during an inspection.

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