Using an agent vs selling your property yourself

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Using an Agent vs Selling Your Property Yourself

Real estate is a big business and the people who work in this industry are the ones called Real Estate Agents. Real Estate Agents make a living, and quite often a good one, by helping people like you buy and sell homes. It is usually optional to get an agent to assist you sell your home, especially if you already have some experience in the field of selling and buying houses. For some people, this may be a new field and therefore they may need or require a professional to assist them in doing so.

To reduce the hassle that comes with buying or selling a home, many people choose to go through a Real Estate Agent. Having a real estate agent handle all of the legwork saves the seller or the buyer a substantial amount of money, at a fee. With a real estate agent, all you have to do is ensure your home is well staged and at its best for show instead of spending your time putting up signs, writing and purchasing ads, and fielding calls from those who may or may not be truly interested. The real estate agent will do the rest.

The pros that can come from using a real estate agent include:

  • Real estate agents possess market knowledge that the general public have no idea about, and in many cases, have little or no access to. This is quite helpful in determining the proper, more accurate and workable asking price for your home.
  • They are good negotiators since they have the language and may be able to help you get a higher selling price than you would get by selling on your own. Remember their main aim is to ensure your home sells and have no particular attachment to it hence will not panic in case a sale flops. They will just move on to the next buyer.

The cons that can come from using a real estate agent include:

  • You will need to part with a few extra dollars in terms of commission. It is usually a percentage of the home’s selling price that is paid directly or indirectly by the buyer.
  • Although it is becoming easier to sell your own home, listing your home through a real estate agent can save you lots of time, effort and the hassles that come along with it.
  • By selling your own home, you have the advantage of not having to pay fees to a real estate agent, you get to keep the full amount of the final selling price, you have the upper hand in manipulating the deal since you can lower the asking price to reflect the lack of fees, or you could ask the same amount that you would with a real estate agent and make a larger profit.

Role of the agent

It is a fact in the real estate industry that 20% of real estate agents account for more than 80% of property sales and that top 20% of agents tend to achieve the best price results for their clients selling properties.

If one decides to use an agent to assist in the selling of their property, their primary role should be solely to protect your interests in the sale.

This includes giving you accurate information with regard to what the market needs or is like, attaining the highest price that your property can sell for, marketing it and ensuring it’s at the front line to sell as fast as possible and ensure that this process runs smoothly.

A good agent will always do everything in their power to ensure that they powerfully and consistently promote the features and benefits of your property to the marketplace. They are aware that even their reputation is at stake. If they mess up the sales, they end up losing their credibility and also lose out on commissions from potential sales that they could make.

You need to be very selective and careful while selecting an agent to assist you in the sale. The less skilled and committed your agent is, the lower the price your property will sell for and the longer it will stay on the market.

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