Sell your home for Top Dollar in any market - Stage 3


Presentation - where the magic happens

Investing a small amount of money on the right things, can increase your selling price by tens of thousands of dollars.


Clutter, Mess, Dirt - don't confuse them

Influence your price by removing clutter, mess and dirt.  Don’t confuse them.  They are three different things.

Clutter is any item of furniture that does not meet the purpose of that room.  For example a desk is perfect furniture in an office or study, but is clutter if placed in a bedroom.  A display cabinet in a dining room can be clutter unless it is displaying crockery.  Otherwise, the cabinet is categorised as clutter and should be removed.

Mess should also be put out of sight.  This includes all personal belongings other than furniture and decorations.

Put the cherry on top of your presentation with outstanding cleanliness.  Pay for a bond clean.  Its one of the easiest ways to impact your selling price.

Take Away : Seek out a skilled Agent who will be able to advise you on the specifics of presenting each room in your home.


Maintenance - protect your sale price

Failing to do the basic maintenance and repairs before selling will result in a terrible building and pest inspection and the buyers will attempt to renegotiate the price or walk away from the contract.  For the sake of a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, you could cost yourself tens of thousands in lost dollars.

Take Away : Seek the advice of a skilled agent about the key things that building and pest inspectors look for that could collapse your sales contract.



Renovations - depends on market conditions

In a rising market there is usually no need to renovate before selling your property.  Buyers will be clambering over themselves to buy your property and will do the renovations themselves.  However, in a sideways or down market, you will need your home to stand out, and renovations may be necessary.

A small investment in cleaning up the yard, replacing termite eaten retaining walls, and strategically splashing on some paint can make a huge difference to your selling price.

Take Away : bull markets and bear markets require different levels of presentation to get sold for top dollar.  Don’t waste money renovating if the market will not care.


Styling - does it pay off?

As a general rule – styling is one of the most powerful value adds you can do when presenting your home.

If your current furniture is inviting and an appropriate size, decluttering and removing mess is all that is needed.  If your furniture is too big, buyers will blame the house for being too small rather than blaming the furniture for being too big, and buyers will move on to other houses instead.

Stylists go beyond just replacing furniture.  Don’t underestimate how powerful the right artwork, rug or lamp can be in transforming the feel of the home. 

Take Away : most stylists will give you an obligation free quote.  You might be surprised by how cost effective it is.


Professional Photography - ditch the iphone

Buyers initially judge your home on what they see on the internet – the photos.  

Professional Photographers will take the same photo multiple times with varying levels of light exposure – then blend all the photos together, to remove over and under exposed areas – creating the perfect shot.  Don’t think you can do this yourself.  Professional photography is cheap, and your competition (other sellers) will be taking great photos.

Take Away : this must be done well.  Pay a professional.  Your agent can arrange it for you.

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Success Stories

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