Interesting Videos In The Field

Think You Need To Renovate Before You Sell Your Home For Top Dollar?

Let us show you a home that sold $100K+ above the expected price with no renovation. Did it need one?….Probably. Did we ask the client to invest a large sum of money before we put the home up for sale? No! Did we get top dollar for the home? Yes!

Who Has All The Buyers For Your Property?

Where are the buyers? Can an independent agent or small agency reach all the potential buyers for your property? YES!

If they market the property correctly…

Can I Use My iPhone To Take Real Estate Photos?

It’s easy to think that taking real estate photos using an iPhone camera or a personal camera is enough to advertise your property and save some money…

But it’s NOT!


The Price Difference Between A Water & Dry Block Property!

Watch this video to learn what the average price difference is between a water front property and a dry block property.

How You Can Save Money With Maintenance!

Regardless of what your home is worth maintenance is essential in achieving Top Dollar. On top of that, knowing what should be touched up and what shouldn’t can help save you money and time.

How Real Estate Agents Can Lose You Money!

Agents can accidentally talk your price DOWN!

In this video we talk about the key factors that can lead to a real estate agent losing you money. Make sure you watch this before you choose an agent to list with. 🙂

Case Study - Is It A Waste Of Money To Style Your Home When Selling?

Styling can go a long way if it is done correctly.

Follow us through this old property as we show you the effect styling can have on your home!


What Value Do Open Homes Provide For A Property?

After 4 open homes and over 100 groups of people that came through, what value did running the open home have? And was it necessary?


Buyers Hate This!

Buyers may value your home lower than you think! A skilled agent can guide you.

The Most Immaculate Property!

In this video Stewart talks about an interesting sale in Mudgeeraba that ended up over $1.2m!



$50K Over Market Expectation!

These outlier prices are achievable on any home… If you do everything correctly in the sales process! 

And if you hit record 😉

Sold $120K Over Expectation!

Yep… And it was un-renovated!

Massive Modern Mansion!

In this video Stewart talks about selling a beautiful 3 bedroom home… However, it’s not what you’d expect.

You Either Love It Or Hate It!

Beautiful…But unusual?

Why Wouldn't It Sell?

Not everything goes to plan. In this video Stewart talks about why this property wouldn’t sell.

However, it sold on the first day we made this change!

Double Garage Sized Property?!

From massive 3 bedroom mansions to this beautiful but tiny property.

Unrenovated Top Dollar Sale!

In this video Stewart talks about the result of this property in Mudgeeraba.