Expect your agent to ask these questions

Briefing your real estate agent is crucial to the smooth sale of your home since it is the agent who will be at the front line of marketing your home. An exceptional agent should be as interested in you as they are in your home in order to portray an accurate picture of the property in totality to prospective buyers. The agent should be interested in knowing all about your lifestyle and how you enjoy or not enjoy your home.

All this information should be given to your agent before engaging them in marketing and putting your property up for sale. Once an agent has been identified and given the mandate to be in charge of selling your home, some of the things they should be made aware of include:

  1. Why you are selling your home.
  2. What attracted you to the property when you bought it?
  3. How you have improved the property to add value.
  4. The pros and cons of living there.
  5. Your timeframe for going to market.
  6. Any work you intend to do to your home before going to market.

The information you give them at this stage is what forms the basis of their marketing campaign, the pricing recommendation and strategies they use to sell your home.