Sell your home for Top Dollar in any market - Stage 6



Which agent should you use? How much should they charge? Do buyers care which one you use?


Ridiculous Fees - are they ripping you off?

For some crazy reason, real estate agencies  charge a percentage of the sales price as their commission.  This means that you get charged more, if your house is worth more.  

It takes the same amount of work to sell a $600,000 home as it does at $1.2m home.  So are they ripping you off?  Probably!

Some agents recognise that they do the same work no matter what home they are selling, and therefore they have a fixed fee that you only pay if the property sells.  

Take Away : Seek out a fixed fee agent.  If they are good at their job, it will save you many thousands of dollars.




Buyer Database - which agency has the most buyers

It’s a joke to think that any real estate agency has every buyer on their database.

These days sellers can reach almost every buyer by going to the one place that every buyer is active…..the major real estate websites –  like and

The existence of these sites has fostered the birth of thousands of boutique agencies, who realise that every buyer is looking online, and can be reached with a simple advertisement.

Take Away : all the buyers are in one place.  The main internet websites!  The  real estate agent’s database is nothing compared to the access we get to buyers through domain and realestate.comau.  

Take Away : The internet has made it possible for even the smallest real estate agencies to access all the active buyers in the market.


Agency or Agent - which is most important

The real estate industry has become great at marketing homes.  The photos, floor plans and copy are mostly first class across the board.

The ability to manage buyers, negotiate with integrity and communicate clearly with sellers is what sets the great agents from the rest.  Selecting an agent who executes the entire plan with excellence may be the most important decision of the entire process.

Take Away : it’s not important which company your agent works for.  All that counts is that your agent knows how to execute the 22 point plan.

Success Stories

Success Stories

When all 22 points are executed professionally, the results can be amazing.

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