Advantage of Exclusive Listing

Whether you list your property exclusively or through open listings usually depends on which format of sale you decide on. For auctions, an exclusive agent is the one who usually manages the sale but for a private treaty sale, there is also the option of listing with different real estate agencies also known as open agent listing. However, it is advisable to choose an exclusive agent to represent you, rather than list your home with multiple agents. The reason for this is because:

  • You save money in your marketing, as you will not be using numerous agents.
  • Your agent will be more invested in selling your property if they have the exclusive right to do so than they would be if multiple agents were competing for the sale.
  • Your marketing message remains consistent since there is only one agent to deal with.

It is vital to get an exceptional real estate agent who will insist on exclusivity, so they can effectively manage the marketing of your home, protect your sale price and sell your property in good time. You can have an exclusive agency agreement that grants your agent up to 60 days to find you a buyer. If they fail to do so in this time, then you have a right to either renew the agreement depending on their performance or list your home elsewhere if not satisfied with their services.