About Us

Stewart & Jethro Reed

About Stewart

This is my opportunity to help you understand the person behind this business.  I am a husband and a father who loves to have my feet in the water and has a fascination for the crazy world of Formula 1 racing.  With a corporate background that spanned 2 decades, I was not planning to end up in the property industry.

About Me Personally

I am married to Louise (since 1991) and together we have tried to live simply, minding our own business, with a focus on our marriage and our 3 children. 

I have a tendency to really throw myself into what interests me, and I totally ignore everything else.  I get absorbed by my interests.  This has been a trait since I was a kid, dreaming of being a professional tennis player.  I spent every waking moment that I could, on the tennis court.  I read about tennis, stayed up to after midnight to watch McEnroe v Borg at Wimbledon, and would happily ride 10klm for the chance to play.  Playing 8 hours a day on the weekend was common for me.

My Core Values

We had some financial struggles with I was a kid, and life was not easy for Mum and Dad.  I will never forget when I came home from school and told Mum that a friend at school didn’t have one of the required text books.  Mum had such compassion for my friend.  She said his parents might not have been able to afford the book.  I was shocked!  We were struggling more than my friend!  But Mum and Dad taught me to have compassion for others because life is not always as easy as people make it out to be.  

Over the years, Mum and Dad raised me to focus on my immediate family, be a good person, and work super hard.  This simple approach has served me well.

Professionally - before this business

My tendency to throw myself into topics that interest me is unusually intense.  For example, I have always been interested in what makes people tick, so throughout my working career I continued to  study psychology in my spare time.  I eventually obtained a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnosis from the American Pacific University.

My interest in NLP and psychology has been an enormous help in my business career.  After finishing Uni (Degree in Psychology from University of Qld) I ended up in the Information Tech industry – always in a sales role.  I had outstanding bosses who encouraged personal development and training, which gave me a solid foundation for what I do today.

In 1995, I was recruited to Dell Computer. I was responsible for winning and managing multi-million dollar contracts throughout Queensland. I loved selling.  I was good at it.  All my study in psychology and my personal development work was paying off and I consistently won awards for high performance, including Highest Performance Over Target, of all the sales team for the 15 countries in Asia Pacific. 

In 1999 Dell asked me to take on a National Role based in Sydney. I accepted the job promotion, but I didn’t like it.  Managing people did not give me the same buzz as winning new business. I missed selling. I wanted to commit myself to being a sales professional and being the best. I was ready to start something from scratch, and prove to myself that my success at Dell was not due solely to how fantastic the company was, but that my success was because I was actually extremely good at my job. So……

In 2000, starting with no customers, no brochures, no pricing, no marketing model and no knowledge of the industry, I embraced a challenge of working with a software-startup.  It went very well.  I was there for 13 years and had secured contracts with hundreds of the most prestigious organisations on earth. Organisations I worked with include:

The evolution of my business

In 2013 the software company was sold to a private equity firm and the founding staff all moved on.  By now I had spent 20 years in IT with an intense focus on selling and negotiation.  But my previous clients were all in North America and I did not want to relocate from the Gold Coast – so…..what was I to do.

Given how much of my career was involved in winning large contracts and dealing with large companies, I had spent nearly 2 decades negotiating high value contracts.  The high value contracts I could think of on the Gold Coast was in property – so……

In 2014 I decided to put my experience in negotiation to use in the field of Real Estate and Stewart Reed Properties was started.

I have now completed hundreds of sales, and its my pleasure to continue to run the business with my Son, Jethro – who is awesome to work with.

My core values of focus on the family, be a good person and work extremely hard still guide me today.  

I have built a proven process for extracting the outlier price when selling properties, and the vast majority of my business is now by word of mouth.

Having sold in 40+ suburbs on the Gold Coast, I believe I have a unique ‘helicopter view’ of that the market is doing.

Today Jethro and I continue to focus on those core values : focus on the family, be a good person, work hard.

About Jethro

 I love the beach. I love to surf. I love playing Music. I love adventure.

Growing up, Dad seemed like he was always home.  His clients were in the USA, so he would work through the night and after school, our typical plan was…….go to the beach.  I will never forget the day that a massive storm was hitting the Gold Coast and Dad gave a cheeky smile and said “let’s go to the beach”.  Along with my brother and sister, we grabbed our umbrellas and bravely marched to the water’s edge.  The rain was coming in sideways, our umbrellas turned inside out, the wind must have been doing 70kph.  It was a struggle just to keep from being blown over – the wind was so strong.  We were all drenched.  AND I LOVED IT!  I was 5 years old at the time.

Every year, Mum and Dad would take us on a holiday.  We went to the Glaciers in New Zealand, the Massive Forests of Tasmania, and even the Gold Mines of WA.  Seeing how other people lived gave me an appreciation for how good we have it here on the Gold Coast.

Life’s Curve Balls

I am in my early twenties now, and I have been shaped by the challenges I experienced as a kid.

I was only a couple of months old when Mum noticed a bump on my eyebrow.  Within a week it had significantly grown in size and a series of tests ensued.  The tumour was not life-threatening, which was a relief to my parents, but I needed surgery to remove it.  This was the first of many challenges I had to overcome.

In Primary School I struggled with my fine motor skills and hyper flexible joints.  So it was back to the doctors again.  But hard work, discipline and consistency got me through these challenges too.

To work on my fine motor skills, I took up Bass Guitar and by the end of grade 7 I was granted a full scholarship to the PBC Music Excellence Program.  By grade 12 I was Captain of the 100-person School Band.  It was throughout these years that I learned that setbacks are temporary, hard work pays off, and never to measure myself by someone else’s expectations.  


Most mornings I can be found in the surf, soaking up the sunrises.  

When I was 16, we decided to drive across Australia.  I was still on my L Plates, and I had the privilege of driving my own car from Byron Bay (Australia’s Most Easterly Point) to Steep Point (Australia’s Most Westerly), right through the middle of the Country.  We had done outback adventures before, but this is where I really discovered the joy of big adventures.

Mum taught us to make our life memorable.  If you go on a holiday, make it a great one.  Create a story.  This has stayed with me.  Even my last trip to Fraser Island.  I didn’t just go to sit and relax or to fish and camp. I went to conquer the island, to drive from the southernmost point to the northern tip of the biggest Sand Island in the world.  It was awesome.  

Professionally - why this business

The only way to know what you like is be bold and try different things.  I spent 12 months as a currency trader and learned that watching a screen all day is not for me.  So I then explored hospitality and felt right at home.  I love being around people. I love doing gigs with my band (yes, I still play Bass), and I love the fast pace. 

In 2020, Dad and I were talking and he asked me to come and work with him as his business was growing quickly, all by word of mouth.  He promised me that a career in real estate would give me the highest highs, and some deep lows, and that no two days would ever be the same.  That sounded perfect to me.

I look forward to meeting you at an open home or catching up some time about the market.

The Study

I always remembered my first boss’s words to me. “Never stop learning”. So I completed:

The Reason

We chose the Gold Coast because the quality of life is important to my family and myself. Together with our 3 children, my wife and I have no aspirations to move away. Two decades after beginning my career, I still keep learning, and I remain committed to the field of professional selling. If I won the lotto tomorrow, I wouldn’t change a thing.