Sell your Gold Coast home for Top Dollar in any market.

Sell Your Gold Coast Home for Top Dollar
in any market

Avoid costly mistakes and maximise your profits when selling your home, with our proven 6 stage, 22 point process.

Get Top Dollar in Any Market with our 6 Stage, 22 Point Process.



For most properties, in most markets, auctions are not recommended.  Your sales method needs to find the person who will pay more for your home than anyone else, and then extract their maximum price.  Do this and you will know you have sold your home correctly.  Get it wrong and you could be losing thousands.  




True marketing focuses on raising the profile and perceived value of your property.  Unfortunately, many Agents have turned this into an opportunity to advertise themselves instead of the home.  Sign boards that used to tell you the price and description of the property, have now become an empty billboard with nothing more than the Agent’s Face and “For Sale” written on it.   Cut through all the real estate hype and employ the techniques that are cost effective and have been proven to work.



Should you renovate before selling?  What maintenance items will make a difference to the ultimate selling price?  The rules are different depending on whether you are in a buyers’ market or a sellers’ market.  Avoid unnecessary costs in getting your property ready for sale.



Avoid the two costly mistakes where real estate agents accidentally talk the price down.  Then, when your asking price is unchallenged, use a  proven negotiation strategy to increase the offers.



Price it too high and the home won’t sell.  Price it too low and it will cost your thousands.  To get it right you will need to consider the 4 price inputs: past sales, current competition, seller’s needs, market type, and the 4 price tactics: no price, offers over, price range and fixed price.



Is your real estate agent charging you a small forturne and wasting your money?  Should you sell through a Real Estate Franchise or Boutique Agency?  Does it matter?  See how some agents are running great businesses and charging a fraction of the fees charged by the large real estate offices. 

Success Stories

Success Stories

When all 22 points are executed professionally, the results can be amazing.  This two minute video shows 12 success stories from following the 22 point plan.

How We Can Help

Know the true value
of your home

Know how much money will you have left over, after selling costs, so you can make a decision on whether it makes sense to sell.

Influence your price

Want Top Dollar without spending money on unnecessary home improvements?
Ask a professional to guide you through the 22 point plan on how to get Top Dollar in Any Market.

Understand the selling process

Want to a process designed to get the Best Price, not just a fair price? We execute the 22 point plan, to get Top Dollar in any market.

The Ultimate Home Sellers Guide

How to Master the 5 Price Influencers and sell your home for more.

What You get Out Of The Box with a Sales Driven Website

The Sales Driven Website Assets

Conversion Focused Content

Written specifically for carpet cleaning and fully customizable to your business

Conversion Optimized Website Design

Not just a beautiful website, but a website optimised for conversions

Lead Magnets

Capture email address from visitors to your website before they leave and never return

Automated Follow Up Sequences

Convert visitors into clients after they leave your website through automated email campaigns

Facebook + Google Retargeting

Show ads to your website visitors on Facebook

Landing Page Templates

Get a higher ROI on your Google Adwords advertising

Funnel Builder Website

SEO optimised suburb pages. Be found in google for the suburbs you service

Sales Funnel

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